Wellness Sessions

Wellness Sessions


At Soli, we have found that there are 7 Interference’s to Methylation. On your Wellness visit we will address all 7 of these to help remove them so your cells can methylate more efficiently.

1. Structure

We will incorporate postural exercises and stretching to help improve your and balance. This allows the spine to be flexible, healthy and to provide vital nerve life force to your cells. We can also incorporate an LED laser to teach you how to reset nerve muscle circuits for increased body balance and performance. This is cutting edge treatment in the world of sports and athletics

2. Electrical Pollution

We will help you protect yourself from electrical pollution in your home, work setting and while traveling, using powerful tools like a multipolar magnet and homeopathics.

3. Nutrition

We will address specific nutritional needs, based on your testing, to improve gene expression and methylation pathways in your body. This a vast area as you will see in you Report of Findings visit.

4. Allergies and Sensitivities

From your testing, we determine which allergies and sensitivities are your priority and use a personal vial, homeopathic drops and an LED Laser to reprogram your nervous system to not have a reaction to these substances.

5. Emotional Stress

We identify your priority emotional interference at each visit and find the positive emotions that will allow your subconscious to release these negative emotions from your cells. We provide you an anchor phrase and teach you how to have conscious control over these subconscious fears and emotions.

6. Toxins

Our testing will help us identify which toxins are your priority interference’s to your methylation genes and health. We provide you a personal homeopathic to help release these toxins. We can also use the LED laser with laser acupuncture points to reprogram your body to release these toxins as well as the Cellular Cleanse Detox Unit to efficiently remove them for increased methylation and gene expression.

7. Genetics

Using all of the above methods and tools, and knowing your genetic methylation profile from our testing, we can help your body dramatically improve your methylation pathways for your health.