The 7 Interferences™


What Interferes with Methylation?

There are a number of factors that interfere with methylation and cause a breakdown in your methylation cycles. We have narrowed it down to 7 Interferences which we believe are the root cause of all disease.



Your body is teaming with trillions of cells –  an estimated 37 trillion and more than 200 types. These cells are the basic building blocks that replenish your bones, discs, cartilage, muscles and all other body parts.

When your structural alignment is compromised, it can cause nerve interference, pain, stress, imbalance and even compression and fractures of the vertebrae, which then stress, crush or destroy the nerve cells that carry signals up and down the spinal cord. This damage inhibits our cells ability to function normally which leads to pain, decreased energy, DNA damage, mitochondrial damage, etc… Additionally, when your cell function is impaired, your body has a decreased ability to heal and repair your structural ailments.

If these structural misalignment’s are not corrected, it sends your body into a state of chronic stress where excessive neurotransmitters (chemicals that allow neurons to signal each other) are released to try and give the communication a “boost”, but an overload of neurotransmitters can cause additional damage by overexciting nerve cells – a process called excitotoxicity. This down regulates gene function and methylation in your cells affecting your health in many ways.


Electrical Pollution

Human beings are bioelectrical systems. You may remember from biology class that everything – the table you’re sitting at, the clothes you wear, the food you eat – is made of atoms that are constantly moving, although the movement is invisible to the human eye. These atoms vibrate in unique patterns based on their molecular structure. Your body is no different. Every cell and organ in your body vibrates in a unique pattern. That vibration is energy and that energy is electrical.

All the information transmitted within your body is electrical. Heartbeat, muscle movement and sensory information are just some of the functions made possible by electrical waves and magnetic fields. When your body’s electrical communications are disrupted, you open yourself up to a myriad of health problems such as, sleep disruption, impaired mental function (ADD, ADHD, Behavioral Issues), impaired metabolism, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, interference becoming pregnant or miscarriages.

The human body’s bioelectrical system runs on direct current (DC) whereas most electronics run on alternating current (AC). This alternating current disrupts the frequency of your bioelectrical system and interferes with the cells ability to communicate properly and efficiently for many of your vital functions. A study conducted on mice showed methylation impairment when exposed to different levels of electromagnetic fields.



We could go on for hours about how important nutrition is to your cellular health and methylation cycles, but seeing as how this is probably one of the easiest interference’s for people to understand, we’ll keep it short and sweet.

The health of your cells is vitally important for literally every system and organ in your body from the nervous system and immune system to cardiovascular health and proper metabolism. Cell membranes are made of fatty acids that support the cells elasticity and electrical communications in order to move good nutrients in and bad organisms out. This fluidity of the cell membrane is critical for methylation to happen as it was designed because it is completely dependent on good nutrients being able to get through the cell membrane to the DNA stored inside every cell.

Cellular Nutrition


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As you can see, the function of your cells and optimal methylation depend on a variety of minerals, vitamins and other dietary factors. These factors are not found in processed foods and must be provided through a whole foods diet and/or a trusted source of nutritional supplements.


Allergies and Sensitivities

Allergic reactions begin in your immune system. When you encounter a harmless substance such as pollen, dust, or food that your body happens to be allergic to, the immune system can over react by producing antibodies to “attack” the allergen. This attack typically causes symptoms such as itching eyes, runny nose, itching and others but the one thing an allergic reaction always causes is inflammation in the body. This is part of the immune systems defense, but chronic inflammation can interfere with methylation and cellular health.

When your cells are in a constant state of inflammation, it causes the cell membrane to become rigid and prevents the beneficial nutrients (water, minerals, vitamins) from getting inside where they are methylated which in turn inhibits your body’s ability to push bad organisms out (toxins, viruses, bacteria). It’s a vicious cycle in which the inflammation affects methylation and inhibits the methylation process from healing the body. You must reduce and control inflammation for optimal cellular health and methylation.


Emotional Stress

The idea that our emotions impact our health and the development of disease is not new. In fact, even the conservative Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that 85 percent of all diseases appear to have an emotional element, but in our opinion the actual percentage could be even higher.

When you encounter a stressful situation, stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine flood into your bloodstream so you are able to respond to the situation quickly and with the strength needed. We’ve all heard the story about a 100-pound woman lifting an automobile off the ground to save her child who is pinned beneath it who otherwise would have died. The superhuman strength of the mother comes from the flooding of stress hormones due to her feelings of do or die, often referred to as fight or flight mode. Feelings that sent a message to her brain which interpreted the need for stress hormones in order to deal with this situation.

The benefits of increased stress hormones during this scenario are apparent. The body is designed to deal with additional stress hormones for brief amounts of time in order to protect ourselves from dangerous situations. However, when these stress hormones are constantly elevated, they effectively shut down the release of other chemicals needed for important processes in cells that help protect against DNA damage and cellular disease. The release of these supporting chemicals is greatly reduced during times of do or die which drastically disrupts and reduces your ability to methylate effectively and drains your body of it precious methyl donors. 

Your body cannot simultaneously be in both modes of do or die and healing/growth mode – it has to be one or the other – and you, by the way you choose to deal with stressors, determine which one you are going to live in.



Homeostasis is the body’s ability to maintain balance. In order to do so, every cell has approximately 35,000 chemical reactions taking place every second of every day. With trillions of cells reacting 35,000 times per second, that is a lot of chemical reactions going on.

Toxins interfere with your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis and methylation because it must divert resources to defend against these toxins. The body’s immune system is designed for such a situation but when you are exposed to a significant amount of toxins or are exposed for a continued period of time, the loss of the resources to maintain balance will start to affect health and methylation.

Another important component to toxicity is that certain toxins have specific genes they interfere with and will eventually cause them to express negatively. For instance, we know that lead and mercury are very detrimental to your methylation genes and cause a back log in the methylation cycles. By identifying which toxins are interfering with your genes and health, we can use methods to detox these toxins and let the body return to a state of homeostasis.

When toxins enter your body, the immune system has a few line of defenses to neutralize the toxin, but if the toxin is able to get past these defenses then trouble occurs as it gets inside the cells and can do intense damage to the chemical reactions that take place in the cell that support vitality and life. It can also damage the DNA of the cell, the replicating factor of the cell, which leads to the production of sick, malfunctioning cells which are used to create organs and tissue. These malfunctioning cells are one cause of cancer.

Once the toxins have found their way inside the cell, your body has a difficult time getting them out on its own, especially considering the amount of toxins that are constantly assaulting your body in today’s world.  However, there is good news and that is we can help you with True Cellular Detox which allows for detoxing of the cells and repairing methylation at the cellular level rather than just detoxing the body with no specific target.



Science has recently discovered our genes are not the whole story! The emerging science of ‘Epigenetics’ is proving that gene function can be improved by removing The 7 Interferences and getting the right nutrients into the cell at the genetic level.

Each gene your body carries is made up of two copies – one gene you inherit from you mother and one from your father. If you are missing one copy, from either your mother or father, that gene is functioning at around 50-70%. If you are missing both copies, then that gene is functioning at around 30%. This reduced function has been proven to have immense impact on health ranging from problems with hormones, neurotransmitters, nervous system, digestion, cancer, autoimmune and on and on.

The good news is that the science of Epigenetics also shows that even when missing both copies of any gene, you can increase the function to around 70% (up from 30%) by including the right nutrition (cellular forms of B vitamins, chelated minerals and enzymes, etc…) into your lifestyle.

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