Wellness Programs


Are you ready to change your life? We're ready to teach you how! All of our programs are 6 month programs that will lift you to a higher state of methylation and overall wellness. Our programs are done through video and phone sessions as Dr. Randy has developed a method that allows for comprehensive analysis and understanding of your case that yields excellent results.

If you have not had the opportunity to review your health concerns with Dr. Randy, or you would like a recommendation on which program would be best for your case, please purchase the consultation and we will contact you promptly to schedule a phone or video meeting.


You can either pay in full or make two payments on any of our programs.


Any recommendations/consultations with respect to nutritional health, diet, supplementation or detoxification is done exclusively for educational and information purposes and is for non-diagnostic purposes and general guidelines only. The determination to take or withdraw from any medical intervention resides within the legislative authority of physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. We support the distribution of current research and information relating to all topics and likewise encourage patients and clients to make informed health care decisions having researched and understood all balanced and accurate information to which those decisions pertain. In every case, please consult your medical physician regarding any changes you make to your medical regimen, as doing so without consultation or supervision by a qualified practitioner may be dangerous.


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