Methylation Plus

Methylation Plus

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This program is $12,500 and can either be paid for in full or divided in two payments. Second payment is due 2 months after purchase.

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Product Description

This 6 month program is for those who are looking to shift their methylation to a more optimal state and then stabilize their methylation at this new stage. It includes :

  • Initial Testing and Assessment
    • 30 minute consultation with Dr. Randy to review your wellness goals and health history
    • Solī’s Power-4-Life Analysis to heal, repair and support your body’s energy systems for optimal effect of your methylation program
    • Solī’s Functional Methylation Analysis™, 23andMe genetic test review and neurologically based computer testing to determine which genes are expressing negatively and which supplements will correct them
    • Report of Findings session – 1 hour session with Dr. Randy to review findings, recommended action steps and answer any questions
    • Initial Supplements – refills are additional cost
  • Neurologically Based Computer Testing
    • This helps us determine, at a deeper, individualized level, which substances, heavy metals, toxins, etc… may be interfering with optimal methylation and use homeopathic drops to balance these stressors.
  • Follow Up Sessions
    • 3 sessions at month’s 1, 2 and 4 to track your progress and assess your supplements to be sure the dosage is accurate and they are still needed
  • Reassessment
    • At month 6 to retest all genes with Solī’s Functional Methylation Analysis™ to determine if your body needs and is ready to start supporting other methylation cycles
  • Report of Findings
    • 30 minute Report of Finding session to review the findings of your reassessment
  • Wellness Sessions
    • 2 Wellness sessions with Dr. Randy (one hour sessions) for health balancing and overall wellness. After studying your personal life goals, test results, extensive health history and any provided lab results Dr.Roberts, with his 35 plus years of experience, will tailor your Wellness Sessions to help you remove the blockages in your life physically, emotionally and nutritionally to achieve optimal methylation and wellness.
  • LifeStyle Coaching Sessions
    • 6 LifeStyle sessions with our Solī trained LifeStyle Coach (one hour sessions) to assess your diet and toxic load in order to optimize your lifestyle for proper methylation. This includes specifics as to food sources and types, online resources, better options for body and home care products, and techniques for stress management. This also includes exercise and is personalized to your health goals as well. With your honest feedback and evaluation as to where you are at with diet and lifestyle we will gently and effectively give you tools to make the program work in your life.
  • True Cellular Detox
    • Our LifeStyle Coach will work with you to implement a cutting edge program called True Cellular Detox. This program supplements our techniques to detox the cells for proper methylation.
  • Unlimited Email Access
    • You will have unlimited email access directly to Dr. Randy and our LifeStyle Coach to answer any questions you may have as they are important to proper implementation of your program according to your individual needs.

3 reviews for Methylation Plus

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been on my methylation program for 7 months now and it has changed my life! There have been so many improvements in my health – it’s like my body is suddenly working how it’s supposed to! My mood and emotions have balanced out, I sleep better, have more energy, have been able to stop the nervous habit of picking my cuticles that I’ve had for most my life, my complexion has improved and my digestion is much better!

    This may be too much information, but it’s also a HUGE improvement for me – I’m pretty sure that my body has always had a hard time utilizing Vitamin B and in order to have regular bowel movements I’ve had to eat meat, even though it’s not my favorite thing. A year ago, I decided to stop eating meat and find a way around the BM problem. I had trouble for the first 5 months, but after getting on my methylation program my body is able to utilize the Vitamin B properly and I have regular BM’s with no Vitamin B from meat sources. HOORAY!

    Like most people, it’s easy for me to forget how bad I felt before when I feel so good now, but I’ve been reminded how important my methylation supplements are when I got casual about taking them about 2 weeks ago and can feel myself slipping backwards in some of these areas. Time to get rededicated!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Dr. Randy has helped me overcome many health challenges over the past 2 years. I recently started the Genetic Methylation testing and supplements and have been taking them for four months. I have definitely seen improvement in several ways, including my energy level, digestion, mood and emotions, mental clarity and overall health. I used to feel sick every morning and it would take me three or four hours to feel “normal” and ready for my day. After starting the Methylation protocol, I feel much better in the morning and ready to start my day when it begins! My outlook for the future is very positive because I know that my body is functioning the way it is suppose to. Big thanks to Dr. Randy and everyone at Soli. You have literally saved my life in so many ways!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have noticed that I have more energy doing the Methylation protocol. My digestion and sleep have improved quite a bit. I would highly recommend the Methylation protocol to anyone with health problems.

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