Methylation Basic

Methylation Basic

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This program is $5500 and can either be paid for in full or divided in two payments. The second payment is due 2 months from date of purchase.

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Product Description

This 6 month program is for those who are looking to shift their methylation to a more optimal state. It includes:

  • Initial Testing and Assessment
    • 30 minute consultation with Dr. Randy to review your wellness goals and health history
    • Solī’s Power-4-Life Analysis to heal, repair and support your body’s energy systems for optimal effect of your methylation program
    • Solī’s Functional Methylation Analysis™, 23andMe genetic test review and neurologically based computer testing to determine which genes are expressing negatively and which supplements will correct them
    • Report of Findings session – 1 hour session with Dr. Randy to review findings, recommended action steps and answer any questions
    • Initial Supplements – refills are additional cost
  • Neurologically Based Computer Testing
    • This helps us determine, at a deeper, individualized level, which substances, heavy metals, toxins, etc… may be interfering with optimal methylation and use homeopathic drops to balance these stressors.
  • Follow Up Sessions
    • 3 sessions at month’s 1, 2 and 4 to track your progress and assess your supplements to be sure the dosage is accurate and they are still needed
  • Reassessment
    • At month 6 to retest all genes with Solī’s Functional Methylation Analysis™ to determine if your body needs and is ready to start supporting other methylation cycles
  • Report of Findings
    •  30 minute Report of Finding session to review the findings of your reassessment
  • True Cellular Detox
    • Our LifeStyle Coach will work with you to implement a cutting edge program called True Cellular Detox. This program supplements our techniques to detox the cells for proper methylation.
  • Unlimited Email Access
    • You will have unlimited email access directly to Dr. Randy and our LifeStyle Coach to answer any questions you may have as they are important to proper implementation of your program.

3 reviews for Methylation Basic

  1. 4 out of 5


    I’ve heard a lot about genetic changes that occur for a variety of reasons throughout our lives – epigenetics etc. But I didn’t really know how to change the genes to get them working again. As I heard more and more about methylation I was more and more curious about how it works. The testing process was quick and I loved being able to see the results. It was obvious, especially when I saw the results, much genes play a role for me and my family. Many of my siblings have anxiety and mood issues, and these all came up as genes that would benefit from methylation.

    As I’ve taken the supplements, I’ve seen subtle changes. I feel emotionally lighter – happiness comes easier, I find it easier to smile and joke with my kids. And I laugh more. That’s a huge hurtle for me! And it’s only been a few months of taking the supplements. Another exciting thing about the process is getting retested for supplements. I’ve been going to Dr. Randy for a few years. And I honestly thought that some of the supplements I take would be a life long thing. I’ve been able to drop about 7 of them so far. And one of them I was so surprised at – I’ve had issues with candida for about 25 years, and I was able to stop taking the supplement for that one. WOW! I was shocked. I’m really happy with what I’ve seen so far. It’s an amazing process to watch – I feel like I’m finally getting to the root cause of so many struggles.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Randy’s for over 25 years; throughout which I have struggled with a variety of illnesses, many of which have been genetically caused. When I was first introduced to the genetic methylation protocol several months ago it totally made sense to me. Since beginning the supplements I have experienced an over all sense of well-being. I feel better now than I have in eight years. I sleep better, have more energy, my ability to concentrate and focus has improved, as well as my digestive issues are better and I’ve even lost weight!! As I continue to follow the methylation protocol I’m excited to see what the weeks and months will bring. I’m grateful for this program and the healing it has brought into my life and that of other family members.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have been a patient of Dr. Randy’s since 2006. Since he worked miracles with my arm after a very serious break, I knew when he suggested the genetic methylation protocol that it might have the potential of working miracles for me as well.
    I have suffered with auto-immune issues for most of my adult life and recently, more serious conditions. I have had a lot of joint and muscle pain as well as respiratory problems. After going over the genetic methylation report with Dr. Randy, I could see how genetics played a huge role in my health issues. But more important, I saw how I could be empowered to significantly improve my situation!
    After taking the supplements for only a couple months I felt more energy than I had in decades!! No one was more surprised than me! Since then, the pain in my muscles and joints has decreased significantly – so much so that I have been able to do interval training exercises four or five days a week for several weeks now. Since my mid twenties, I have never been able to sustain that level of exercise for that long. Not bad for age 58! I’m even beginning to lose weight, my digestion has improved, cravings for sweets has decreased, and my hormones are more balanced. I have had more clarity of thought and it’s been fun to be able to memorize things again. My husband has even commented on all the positive changes he sees in me.
    I feel like I will finally be successful in improving my health on a long term basis. To me, it truly is another miracle! And it all began with the genetic methylation protocol. I am so excited to pursue this and see the potential of my continually improving health!! Thanks again Dr. Randy!!

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