Power 4 Life



The Solī Functional Methylation Analysis™ is intentionally designed to bring the body out of “Fight or Flight” mode before we do our methylation testing. Otherwise, it is like testing a computer system with static in the power supply – you get bad data coming out. We bring the body out of “Fight or Flight” mode using our “Power 4 Life” protocol.

When any of the “Power 4 Life” components are not working, it means that you cellular power production may be unstable which affects all cell functions, including methylation and gene expression. This will lead to adrenal “fight or flight” and in time will also lead to adrenal exhaustion. Depending on your genetic weakness, this will show up as thyroid and hormone dysfunction, digestive issues such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, chronic joint inflammation, immune system dysfunction and autoimmune issues. Chronic adrenal stress will then cause the body to use brain endorphin’s for energy which is not good for long term health because it causes imbalance in brain chemistry and can throw off your neurotransmitters which will cause things like depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue and bipolar type conditions.

The components in our assessment of “Power 4 Life” are:

  • Adrenal Gland
    • The adrenal gland is the main source of power for the body, comparable to the large power plant at the dam. Adrenal fatigue typically results from a high stress lifestyle.
  • Mitochondria
    • The mitochondria act like large power plants in each cell of the body. Mitochondrial fatigue typically manifests in low energy levels.
  • Electromagnetic Balance
    • Electromagnetic interference must be fixed for power to move through the body. Interference also prevents cells from healing.
  • Atlas Vertebra
    • The atlas vertebra acts much like the main circuit breaker in your house. The power plants could both be working but if the circuit breaker is off there is no power to the house. The entire spinal cord runs through the atlas and is it is misaligned the energy flow is disrupted.

These “Power 4 Life” components work synergistically with the methylation pathways and an imbalance in one will affect the other.