Maximize My Methylation


o_iconThe “Methylation for Life” Protocol

Here at Soli Wellness, we believe that all the genes work together in synergy for optimal methylation. We believe the genes are intimately intertwined and supplementing for a lone gene may start a run off to another that, if not addressed properly, can cause a block in the methylation cycle as a whole. We look at the big picture – genetics, lifestyle, diet – and design a nutritional program specifically for you and your genes because we understand that no two people are exactly alike.

How do we address the most important genes for you as an individual?

  • Saliva genetic testing through 23andMe to determine which genetic defects you have and what conditions you may be susceptible to
  • Questionnaires to determine your symptoms and which genes may be expressing themselves negatively
  • Power 4 Life Analysis to heal, repair and support your body’s energy systems for optimal effect of your methylation program
  • Neurologically based computerized testing and Solī’s Functional Methylation Analysis™ to determine your individual nutrition program to address these synergistic cycles
  • LifeStyle Coaching to educate you on diet tips to maximize methylation and how to avoid things which interfere with methylation
  • Detox programs to rid the body of toxins and heavy metals that cause your cycles to breakdown
  • Emotional Balancing and Stress Management techniques that empower you to live a balanced life and keep your methylation cycles functioning optimally

We customize wellness programs for each individual. Copy and paste programs are not what we are about because we understand that no two bodies are alike and we want to find what works for you. Our clients have gotten their lives back by following through with their wellness program and internalizing the education provided on living a healthy lifestyle. We know we can help change your life as well and we can’t wait for you to take your life back!

You can read testimonials from our clients here and if you’re ready to change your life you can review our wellness programs here.



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