LifeStyle Sessions

LifeStyle Sessions


In your LifeStyle sessions, our coaches will assist you in defining what health means to you and creating your vision of the healthy lifestyle you want to live. They will help you make constructive and attainable goals to focus on and keep you motivated to take the steps needed to live your ideal life.

We will focus on many components that interfere with the life you desire. These components will include:

Emotions and Beliefs.

These emotions and beliefs, either conscious or unconscious, direct our choices many times before we even realize a choice was made. We will identify emotions and beliefs that are holding you back and transition those beliefs to positive ones which will allow you to change your actions and habits.

Nutrition and Diet Coaching.

We will focus on improving diet and nutrition at the speed you can handle without being overwhelmed. These changes can provide drastic results in your health and well being.

LifeStyle Coaching.

We will identify aspects of your life that are causing interference to your optimal health and recommend ways to remove these interference’s. These aspects range from hormone disrupting halogens to methylation disrupting metals and an inability to properly handle stress. We will guide you to live a more balanced life nutritionally, emotionally and physically.


We will provide you with resources to help you revamp your environment and lessen toxins in the products you use every day. We have compiled a list of our favorite skin and body care products and house hold cleaners that have been used and approved by us. By reducing the amount of toxins your body is exposed to from daily products, you greatly increase your body’s ability for proper methylation.